How to Find a Reliable Corporate Secretary for Your Company

roles of a company secretary

The role of a corporate secretary is very important in a company because the board of directors, senior management and shareholders will depend on his expertise in corporate governance affair and compliance matters. Finding a reliable corporate secretary for your company is therefore very important if you want things to progress well. A research that was conducted by an independent institution found out that most companies don’t have competent corporate secretaries simply because they don’t know what to do in order to find one. So the big question is, how can you find a reliable cooperate secretary for your company? In this article, we are going to give you tips that you help you find the best that the market has to offer.

  • Recommendations and referrals

ReferralsAlthough many people usually overlook this point, referrals and recommendations are very important and can help you locate a reliable corporate secretary for your company. If your allies have competent and efficient corporate secretaries and you admire how they execute their services, you can ask one of your allies to recommend to you a reliable corporate secretary. If they are not in a position to refer or recommend to you a corporate secretary for your company they can give you tips on what they did to find that particular secretary or the company or person that help them locate the secretary. The good thing about referrals is that you will get to locate a secretary whom you have already seen his/her performance. This means that your chances of getting reliable corporate secretary will be high. However you should be very careful not to follow all referrals and recommendations that you get blindly. Only choose those that you are sure will direct you to the right person.

  • Research

ResearchYou will only get what you are looking for if you make an effort of doing your own research. Take your time and research to see what you will get. Thanks to advance in technology, it is now possible to conduct your own research while seated at your office. Utilize both online and offline platforms to search for the best corporate secretaries within your locality. You should not only focus on finding a reliable corporate secretary but also on how you are going to retain that talent once you get it. Many companies usually lose their secretaries to other companies after putting so much effort looking for them because they don’t know how to retain them. Therefore, when conducting your research, ensure that you focus on both finding the best talent as well as what to do to retain the talent.

  • Advertise the post

Another way of finding a reliable corporate secretary for your company is by advertising that particular post through print media or via your website. Most people usually think that it is actually a waste of money to advertise a vacant post but that is not true. In fact, if you advertise for that particular post, you will attract serious applicants who are more experienced. This is because they will know that you are actually serious and you know what you are looking for.

  • Outsource

outsourcingThere are many companies out there that can help you find what you are looking for. All that you have to do is to give them a description of what you are looking for. This option is specifically recommended for companies that don’t have solid human resource department or don’t have time to search for a reliable corporate secretary. However it is very important to note that company secretarial services are very important and as a result, it is crucial to hire a company that is efficient and reliable. Outsourcing this task will not only help you get a reliable corporate secretary but will also help you lower the costs that are usually associated with the hiring process. You may want to check out Director Plus Secretarial Services for outsourcing secretary solutions for your company.

  • Conduct an interview

The best way to know if you have gotten the right person for the job is by conducting an interview. An interview will help you know if the applicant has the right academic qualification, the right experience as well as the character and personality that you are looking for. Come up with a list of applicants that you think will perform the job well then interview each one of them and choose one who impress you the most.


Startup growth and success tips for young entrepreneurs


With the rising number of young people who believe in making themselves instead of finding themselves, the tendency of looking for new business ideas is increasing.

However, in order to be a successful entrepreneur, one needs the right guidance. Of course you will still be a self-made person, but some startup growth and success tips will be essential to make your dream come true. Here are some of those tips which will tell you what is absolutely necessary in order to expect success out of your startup.


The first step towards any journey is the right planning. Being spontaneous in a few trivial decisions here and there is welcome. But for the bigger picture, a stable plan is what works and not quirkiness. The correct strategy implementation would include:


  • Focusing on the most fruitful target groups.
  • Having a principal capital of your own.
  • Finding cooperative investors.
  • Marketing your products and services.
  • Creating a brand image.
  • Social media branding.
  • Striking a balance in the focus on consumers versus investors.
  • Prompt services to satisfy customers.
  • Upselling and cross-selling strategies.

Brand image

Products sell when people associate them with something that inspires or impresses them. You need to find marketing strategies that will complement your brand. For example, an inspirational advertisement idea or a catchy tagline.

Here are some live examples of brand image done right. The market shares of Nike wentYour-Business up from 18% in 1988 to 43% in 1998 after the slogan “Just Do It” became part of the promotional campaigns. The cool slogan “Move On” did something similar for Fastrack, and “Everything or Nothing” has been saving Jockey for years now.

Social media branding

You have to create a brand presence on at least one social media platform and actively interact with followers there because all your rivals are doing it, leaving no option for you but to go with the flow. Make sure your brand image is in sync with your tone on social media and your followers are hooked to the page.

Upselling and cross-selling

Basically, upselling is increasing the price of a product by enhancing the same in alluring ways. Cross-selling on the other hand is luring you towards other products which the brand has already tried to sub-consciously convince you, is almost necessary with your base product. You need to do both of these in order to make the most out of your existing customer base. However, you need to keep it subtle, else it’s not startup growth and success tips but fail tips.

If you still can’t understand the exact difference between these, here is the simplest example featuring everybody’s favorite, Domino’s. You have ordered your favorite pizza, and you make sure it’s Cheese Burst because regular just does not make sense anymore. Then the operator asks if you want extra mushrooms on your pizza. The choice of crust and extra toppings here is the upselling. Your pizza is customized and the immediate next question is if you want any sides. That, is cross-selling.

Now that you know the essential startup growth and success tips, you are all-set for success.